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reMIX is a Beijing based studio born from the experience that the three founding partners, Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto and Nicola Saladino, have developed during years of academic research and through the collaborations with various international firms, studying and inquiring diverse scales of interventions and procedural attitudes.
The studio expertise ranges from architecture to landscape and urban design. Moving on multiple grounds, analyzing, translating and transforming the interrelated peculiarities of performative logics, our work aims at establishing a transitional line of research that oscillates between processual complexities and material economies. The outcome is an expression of formal synergies, a modulation of analogical and digital processes, of diagrammatic and emergent organizations. Our structural geometries are gestural negotiations, converging results of constant conceptual revisions of forms and dogmas: mechanisms for debating, retracing and reframing.
A spatial chemistry is developed in order to achieve a synthesis of systemic performances, of signifying multiplicities, of social and environmental heterogeneities: admixtures ethereally fluctuating, constantly transforming. The understanding of the territory and its constitutive and constantly evolving metabolic networks and systems of power relations is the terrain onto which the redefinition and revision of presupposed dichotomies such as natural / artificial and local / global can depart, where the envisioning and construction of future social assemblages can finally take off.
We aim in sum for a critical integration, a non-linear incorporation, of architecture and landscape into a synthetic urban hybrid.

reMIX projects have been recognized by a number of important international design awards, including: 2011 and 2013 ASLA Honor Award, 2011 IFLA Design Award (Third Place), 2009 XI Krakow Architecture Triennial (Grand Prix) and 2014 Qianhai Island Masterplan International Competition (Third Place).
reMIX has been featured widely around the world, in publications that include: Landscape Architecture Frontiers, ASLA LAM, Community Design, Urban Flux, Complexity and Sustainability, Frame, Future Magazine, Vision, GSD Platform, Homestyle, and a series of web-magazines like Dezeen, Designboom, Phaidon and Gooood.
Various projects have been exhibited worldwide in important venues and events such as: 2016 Shanghai “Trans-Design” at West Bund Art Centre (where we also curated the spatial design of the section “Ideas in Action”), 14th Venice Architectural Biennale, 2014 "Making Community, Not the Map Nor the Territory” at Manchester Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, 2013 Festival des Architectures Vives of Montpellier, 2012 Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, 2011 Tallinn Architecture Biennale.

reMIXstudio | 臨界工作室,是一家年輕的事務所,一間致力于打破專業和尺度界限的空間工作室。三位創始人 - Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto and Nicola Saladino - 分別來自不同的學術研究背景并在多個國際性事務所在多尺度多類型的設計實踐中積累了豐富的經驗。我們涉足建筑設計,景觀設計以及城市規劃設計,并尤以其中的交叉性、綜合性的設計為專長。我們將城市理解為一個復雜的動態系統,跨領域、跨尺度、系統性的工作方式是我們多方面考慮城市設計問題的前提。生態的可持續發展原則是我們貫穿始終的設計理念。我們致力于打破專業界限,將建筑及其環境景觀視作相輔相成,互為完善的總體整合設計,打造連貫、協調、可持續的現代城市建成環境。

reMIX臨界工作室的建筑及景觀設計作品獲得多個國際權威獎項,包括美國景觀建筑學會優勝獎 (ASLA Honour Award, 2011, 2013),國際景觀建筑聯盟設計大賽第三名 (IFLA, 2011),第十一屆 Krakow 建筑三年展設計大獎 (XI Krakow Architecutre Triennial Prize),深圳前海景觀島國際規劃及設計競賽三等獎 (Qianhai Island Masterplan International Competition, 2014)。reMIX工作室的設計實踐一直獲得國際媒體的廣泛關注,包括景觀設計學 (Landscape Architecture Frontiers),美國景觀學會會刊 (ASLA Landscape Architecture Magazine),社區設計 (Community Design),城市空間設計 (Urban Flux),復雜性與可持續發展 (Complexity and Sustainability),FRAME,未來 (Future Magazine),青年視覺 (Vision),哈佛設計學院作品選 (GSD Platform),私家 (Homestyle),以及dezeen, designboom, phaidon web-magazine, 谷德 (gooood) 等多個在線設計雜志。reMIX多次受邀在國際建筑與藝術展覽中參展,包括第十四屆威尼斯建筑雙年展 (the 14th Venice Architectural Biennale),鹿特丹國際建筑雙年展 (Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, 2012),北京國際設計周 (Beijing Design Week, 2013-2017),蒙彼利埃法國建筑展 (Festival des Architectures Vives, 2013),曼徹斯特中國當代藝術中心 (Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, 2014),塔林建筑雙年展 (Tallinn Architecture Biennale, 2011)。

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