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1 / 7 view of the valley from the gymnasium 從體育館望向峽谷

huachi school | 華池中學

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地點: Huachi, Gansu, China | 中國,甘肅,華池
Status | 狀態: competition | 競賽

Type | 類型: architecture | 建筑
Program | 功能: educational | 教育
Size | 規模: 70,000 sqm | 70,000 平米
Client | 業主: huachi government | 華池市政府

Team | 團隊: Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Liu Dong (劉動) school 02.jpg
2 / 7 location and general plans 整體布局與場地方位

This project is the result of a competition in collaboration with JAL and partners.
The town of Huachi is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by steep mountains and the presence of a river along the East edge of the site creates a powerful natural context. Our design challenges the traditional volumetric fragmentation of a Chinese high-school campus to propose two large buildings that solve the whole program, achieving a scale that relates directly to the surrounding landscape.

華池縣位于一片山谷中,學校地段東面傍水,群山環繞,自然環境獨特。我們試圖打破傳統中學校園設計的范式,通過將功能整合在兩座建筑中,解決傳統校園空間結構支離破碎的問題。建筑的尺度也能更好的和環境中的山體相呼應。 school 03.jpg
3 / 7 general section and view from the river 總體剖面與河對岸視角

A system of linear volumes articulates both the interior and the exterior circulation; the buildings bend and deform to create various courtyards with different degrees of intimacy and the architecture interweaves sectionally with the landscape, generating a series of specific spatial relationships. The volumes also shift at different levels and, together with an overhanging roof that echoes the local traditional architecture, they produce shaded spaces such as terraces and porches for the numerous outdoor activities. Both the buildings and the landscape are organized in bands across the campus, creating a dynamic system of open spaces with various pavements, planting, bioswales and play grounds.

線性的建筑體量能有效組織室內外流線;建筑錯落和折變,體量在不同的高度上交叉錯落,使之與景觀在平面和剖面上都交織在一起,形成了不同親密度的景觀庭院,創造出一系列多樣而有趣的空間關系。建筑的屋檐出挑深遠,不僅是對當地傳統建筑特點的回應,而且形成了一系列灰空間;屋檐形成的陰影也很好的解決華池夏日烈日暴曬,將為各種學生活動的展開提供舒適而多樣的戶外空間。 school 04.jpg
4 / 7 plans of the school building 教學樓平面

The school building is located in the South-East end of the site, in proximity to the main entrance, while the dorms are near the North-East corner. The two buildings are connected by a semi-underground volume that runs parallel to the East edge of the site, around 10m higher than the adjacent riverbed. The gym and the canteen are positioned along this corridor and are facing directly the river. A monumental overhanging roof produces a sort of cut in the topography, creating a protected terrace that overlooks the whole valley.

教學樓布置在東南角,靠近主入口,而宿舍則在東北角附近。兩座建筑之間通過一個半地下的建筑體量相互連接,該連結空間與場地東側邊緣相平行,與其東面的水面落差約10m。體育館以及食堂均面朝水面,其體量沿著連廊的形態走勢延展開來。懸挑的屋頂及其覆蓋的一個可以俯瞰整個峽谷風貌的室外平臺,猶如在山體中雕刻而成,很好的借用了原有的地形。 school 05.jpg
5 / 7 playground and residence building 操場與宿舍樓

A series of perforations and sunken gardens allow a large quantity of light to penetrate the deep volumes and an exterior staircase connects directly to the sport-fields level. The different height requirements are reflected by the different levels of the upper deck, generating a fluid topography of ramps and grades that overlook the playground.

天光以及下沉花園使充分的自然采光穿透樓梯間和構筑物到達體育場館深處。不同的臺地,平臺設計回應室內外空間不同的高差需求,創造出坡道,臺階等一系列連續流暢的人工地形,并在操場周圍隨地形抬升形成了一片看臺。 school 01.jpg
6 / 7 main entrance 主入口 school 07_v2.jpg
7 / 7 view of the school building from the playground 操場視角的教學樓
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