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1 / 13 illustrative overview 插畫效果總覽圖

huzhou tea museum | 湖州茶博物館

Year | 年份: 2017
Location | 地點: Huzhou, Zhejiang, China | 浙江湖州
Status | 狀態: competition winner | 競賽中標

Type | 類型: architecture | 建筑
Program | 功能: culture | 文化
Size | 規模: 4332 sqm | 4332平米
Client | 業主: Shengshibaoyu Ltd | 中國江蘇盛世寶玉有限公司

Team | 團隊: Nicola Saladino, Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Lv Shoutuo(呂守拓), Zhou Yasong(周雅頌), Tan Lu(譚露), Chen Muzhi(陳牧之)
External Collaborators | 合作: Ren Tian(任天), Xing Siqi(邢絲琦), Xie Tingwei(謝庭葦), Guo Huayu(郭化愚) studio - huzhou tea museum - 02.jpg
2 / 13 design concept 設計概念

Our design proposal reflects the insights of Tao, it also interprets the life attitude of Laotse, ‘the Tao never does, yet through it everything is done’.

建筑設計是對“道”的一種感悟,也是對一種“無為而無不為”的生活態度的詮釋。 studio - huzhou tea museum - 03.jpg
3 / 13 circulation 流線設計

The kitchen is the core of this building. It is the One born out of Tao, the origin of the universe. People in the building communicate and interact in the kitchen, they get to know each other. The kitchen is the place where sparks not only come out of the fire in the stove, but also from the clashes of people’s minds.

建筑的核心是廚房,廚房是一,一為混沌,人們將在這里交流互動,相知相識,碰撞出思想的火花。 studio - huzhou tea museum - 04.jpg
4 / 14 terrace view 露臺視角

‘Out of One, Two’ - ‘Two’ represents the Yin and the Yang, the void and the solid that alternate dynamically in our architectural design. Gardens interlining, rooms reaching out of windows, and scenes out of the wall echoed indoor, just like the endless variety of the pores and holes of the Taihu Stone, thin, permeable, porous and wrinkled.

由一生二,二是陰陽,是建筑中動態的虛實,穿插在建筑中的庭院,讓室內延伸到室外,又將室外帶入到室內,猶如太湖石之瘦透漏皺,變化無窮。 studio - huzhou tea museum - 05.jpg
5 / 13 side view 側面外觀

‘Out of Two, Three’ - the three parts of the building are the containers for living, tea tasting and teaching, but their functions are not fixed. People can use the rooms as they feel like, under different situations, as the Three is the Impermanence.

由二生三,建筑中的三個體塊,是居住,品茶,教學的容器,但其功能并不是恒定的,而是順其自然,隨機應變,循環往復的,所以“三”也是“無?!?。 studio - huzhou tea museum - 06.jpg
6 / 13 roof view 屋頂俯瞰

‘Out of Three, the created universe’ - the universe is not made of buildings, rather of people’s daily life in the buildings. Architecture contains life’s endless variety, while no matter to which extent people’s lives may differ, how complicated or sophisticated they may be, the pervading principles bring them to the one true harmony; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

由三生萬物,萬物不是建筑,而是人們在建筑中的生活,建筑只是生活無窮可能的承載物。然而萬變不離其宗,再繁復的生活也要復歸本真,大繁歸于大簡是為道也。 studio - huzhou tea museum - 07.jpg
7 / 13 masterplan 總平面圖 studio - huzhou tea museum - 08.jpg
8 / 13 functions and elevations 功能與立面 studio - huzhou tea museum - 09.jpg
9 / 13 F1 axo view 軸測圖 studio - huzhou tea museum - 10.jpg
10 / 13 F4 axo view 軸測圖 studio - huzhou tea museum - 11.jpg
11 / 13 section 剖面圖 studio - huzhou tea museum - 12.jpg
12 / 13 lobby rendering 大堂視角 studio - huzhou tea museum - 13.jpg
13 / 13 exterior night view 室外夜景
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