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1 / 9 terrace view 露臺景觀

re-fracted | 凹透院

Year | 年份: 2019
Status | 狀態: completed | 建成
Location | 地點 : Beijing, China | 中國,北京

Type | 類型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: mixed office & residential | 辦公&住宅
Size | 規模: architecture 105 sqm, landscape 85 sqm | 建筑 105 平米,景觀 85 平米
Client | 業主: beijing shunyixing estate agents ltd. | 北京順益興聯行房地產經紀有限公司

Team | 團隊: Chen Chen(陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Liu Yangyang(劉楊洋), Chen Muzhi(陳牧之), Chen Si(陳思), Chen Yuxuan(陳宇軒) 2.jpg
2 / 9 site condition 場地原貌

The project site is nested in a well preserved hutong area in Beijing Xicheng District. Both the main office and a small residential part had to be integrated within a limited footprint of 200 sqm with minimum interventions on the original layout and the client requested a flexible spatial organization that could accommodate different uses in the future.

該項目位于北京市西城區一片肌理完整的胡同中。在不足200平米的有限場地內,不僅需要最大程度地保留庭院和建筑的原有格局,還需要容納辦公和生活起居功能的疊合,空間布局更需要能被靈活使用的可能性。方案在院內植入幾個黑色鋼板包裹的新建體量,以最小干預,在容納幾處新的功能空間的同時連貫了室內外動線,實現傳統居住建筑向新辦公休閑功能的轉換。 3.jpg
3 / 9 design development 設計生成

Black steel boxes were inserted to connect the existing volumes, transforming the site from a traditional living space into a multifunctional modern office. The new volumes break down the existing barren exterior space into four gardens of intimate scales and diverse atmospheres.

新體量的植入將場地內原有單一而空洞的室外空間分解與重組,形成了四處尺度與氛圍各異的親切庭院,為各個室內空間提供精致的對景。 4.jpg
4 / 9 plan 平面圖

A route is delineated along the 19m long North-South axis with an orchestrated sequence of different spatial experiences and changing views to transit from the public office to the private living part of the building.

整個院落進深19米,豐富的空間序列從南向北完成了公共性向私密性的過渡,這條精心設計的動線試圖在狹小的空間里最大化空間的縱深,讓每個轉身都有不同的驚喜。 5.jpg
5 / 9 section 剖面圖

The use of transparent and ridged glass as spatial partitions helps enhance the sensorial depth of the space.

材質的選擇反應出新舊體量的分別,也暗示出不同的開放與私密性。 6.jpg
6 / 9 interior render 室內效果

Depending on the viewers’ perspective, the angle of the sun and the weather conditions, the glass oscillates between the effects of reflection and refraction.

不同通透性與光滑度的玻璃作為空間的分隔,在有限的空間中創造出一系列微妙的層次,跟隨著天氣、陽光和視角的變化,交叉疊替地展示穿透與鏡像的效果。 7.jpg
7 / 9 glass details 玻璃節點

Standing in the East room, the large transparent glass provides the perfect view point for the multi-layered panorama of the courtyard to unfold: the Zen garden in the foreground, the framed view with bamboo leaves and a few steps leading upwards in the middle ground, and the large trees and traditional pitched roofs outside the courtyard in the background.

站在東房室內,大面積通透的玻璃像是一塊無遮攔的取景器:近景是枯石庭院,中景是廚房外灰空間所形成的“畫中框”:幾叢竹葉,幾級臺階和留白的墻面前運動的人影,遠景則剛好借用了院外的大樹和山墻來豐富景觀的層次。 8.jpg
8 / 9 courtyard perspective 庭院效果

While looking from the exterior, the glass shows a mirrored reflection of the site that creates the illusion of an expanded courtyard, with modern interior layers and glimpses of reflected surrounding vernacular context.

而在戶外看,玻璃則將庭院鏡像反射,院子的尺度感被雙倍放大,真實的現代室內與倒映的山墻古樹形成虛實重疊交錯的場景。 9.jpg
9 / 9 courtyard perspective 庭院效果

In the same time the semi-transparent ridged glass transforms the ordinary objects and everyday activities behind it into abstract images and patterns. These elusive images altered by different illuminations create moments of surprises.