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1/5 entrance to the reception 接待中心入口

yanyu guest houses | 蒙山燕峪度假酒店

Year | 年份: 2018
Status | 狀態: under construction | 在建
Location | 地點 : Linyi, Shandong Province, China | 中國,山東,臨沂

Type | 類型: new construction | 新建
Program | 功能: hotel, reception, restaurant | 酒店
Size | 規模: architecture 400 sqm | 建筑400平米
Client | 業主: Linyi Yanyu Ecological Tourism Developmemt Ltd. | 臨沂燕寓生態旅游開發有限公司

Team | 團隊: Chen Chen(陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Chen Muzhi(陳牧之), Lv Shoutuo(呂守拓), Alexandre Braleret, Chen Si(陳思) 2_v2.jpg
2/5 design process 設計生成

Yanyu Hotel is one of a series of rural retreats siting in the heartland of Mount Meng, a beautiful National Park in Linyi, Shandong. Six groups of architects were invited to design a complex of guest houses, exploring modes of integrating architecture with nature in six scattered plots.

燕峪酒店位于臨沂市蒙山風景區腹地金線河流域的盡端,遠離塵囂風景秀麗。六位建筑師應邀在六個散落的山地場地中提出各不相同的分散式客房設計,探討與自然地形充分互動的居住體驗。 3_v2.jpg
3/5 spatial sequence 空間序列

reMIX’s assigned plot is the first found by entering the resort, it is well positioned and has a privileged view of the valley. The site is a narrow strip perpendicular to a rather steep slope, which has a 17-meters height difference between the highest and lowest point of the plot, and which is marked by few overlying large and broken rocks.

我們的地塊位于整個酒店群落的起始, 有著望向山谷的開闊視野。它坐落于陡峭的巖山上,是一個垂直于等高線的狹長地塊,在內部有17米的高差且散落著一些原生態巨石。它將容納四間80平米左右的客房,并為整個聚落提供接待和餐廳。 4_v2.jpg
4/5 section of the guest rooms 客房剖面

The program to be laid down consists of 4 guest rooms of 80 square meters, a reception and a restaurant serving the entire resort. The design decision was to divide the two types of activities into two clusters, the public positioned at the feet of the plot, close to the road and the private placed at higher levels. The public is defined by two stacked volumes twisted slightly in plan in order to avoid the rocks, meanwhile creating by such movement a terrace space and allowing two separate entrances, one to the reception and another to the restaurant. The reception volume is sunken under the natural slope, offering an intimately enclosed space while inviting hints of landscape elements to enter the interior by few selected openings. In contrast, the restaurant volume cantilevers over the rock, allowing a more direct interaction with the landscape.

兩種截然不同的功能需求被分為公共與私密兩個組團。公共組團緊鄰主路,上下兩個半嵌入陡峭地形的長方體體型錯動,互為臺地,巧妙的避開原生態巖石的同時,形成了兩條動線的分支,可以允許游客分別進入接待處和餐廳。接待處半掩于地形中,形成一個相對封閉的空間,通過天光將室外的景觀元素引入室內;而餐廳體量懸于場地中央的巨石之上,擁有開闊的景觀平臺望向山谷。 5_v2.jpg
5/5 view from the guest rooms towards the valley 望向山谷的客房

The design chose to preserve the natural landscape by minimizing the volumes extending above ground. The private cluster is nested uphill to access a superior point of view over the valley. Each guest room has exactly the same footprint and volume but through operations of rotations and mirroring when combined they form a dynamic mass. Different operations of rotation allow each room to have a unique view towards the landscape as well as a private garden adapting to its immediate environment. The rooms have a 1.5-meter height difference to each other so that two of them can be stacked to reduce the total footprint while providing spaces for quiteness, solitude and privacy. The curated landscape trail connects the public and private cluster and intertwines between the building and the landscape. While wandering between the programs, the journey uphill-downhill varies in spatial rhythm creating moments of surprise along the way.


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